Well-known brand guarantees quality

We think high quality is important. And since our guests are 100% in focus, we have chosen to focus on the highest quality from well-known brands.  We've put together a list (which we'll be updating regularly until the opening) of some of the brands and details that we've chosen to focus on and that our guests will find at Padel Mansion:


JuBo Padel is a second-generation Spanish family business that has been manufacturing extremely high-quality padel courts since 1998, at a price and with a service that is hard to beat. JuBo Padel has supplied Padel Mansion's gold Panorama court with WPT features such as glass, entrances, underlay (Mondo Supercourt XN Original), C-shaped lighting players and with details that give you the best padel experience ever!

Jacuzzi J-495. The Jacuzzi family laid the foundation for what hot tubs are today when they launched the first freestanding, fully integrated whirlpool bath in 1968. Since then, developments have continued. With keywords like enjoyment, design, health and function, Jacuzzi® continues to deliver a superior bathing experience today. The Jacuzzi J-495 is the largest Jacuzzi hot tub with seating for up to 9 adults. Not a bath for just anyone, but the obvious choice for those who want something really special and with the maximum space for many guests. For the price you get the most advanced massage system, light show, features and purification system that Jacuzzi can offer.

Samsung 82-tums TV. QLED 4K UHD Smart TV designed to deliver an impressive viewing experience for everything from movies to games. The Q60R gives you optimal colour volume and Quantum HDR for great lighting, high contrast and HDR rendering. You get a smooth interface to navigate as well as support for Google Assistant, and with Ambient Mode, you can turn your TV into a unique interior design feature that fits in with any environment.

Marshall Högtalare. Half a century on the road has given Marshall unique insight into what works on the road. Our Marshall portable speakers give you hours of wireless music and produce the powerful sound synonymous with the Marshall name. Blumlein's stereo construction gives you sound in all directions to make the most of your music, indoors or out. Of course, at Padel Mansion you'll find a number of Marshall speakers that you can take to the beach, pool, padel court, jacuzzi, etc.