To create the best experience, you need the best conditions:


  • Padel court in gold.
  • The best court on the market (
  • WPT surface, Supercourt XN (green).
  • Best lighting. 8x240W providing 36,000 lumens per watt.
  • WPT adapted inputs/outputs.
  • WPT design on the glass (only 2x3m glass).
  • Fully heated glass sections (no morning dew or rainwater).
  • Best view.
  • Best WPT experience in the side changes.



In addition, we have focused on the highest level of service:


  • Access to fridge next to the court, so you can keep your drinks/water/beer cooled.
  • Access to the Spinfire Pro 2, the best ball machine on the market (loaned for free, access to manual at the website/YouTube).
  • Access to ball storage with new and used balls (new at low prices).
  • Access to coaching equipment/accessories.