Before the journey home


There are some things we need your help with before your return.



We carry out a fine cleaning after your stay. You do a rough cleaning and make sure it looks tidy. We will take care of the rest.



Place your towels where they can dry (i.e. avoid throwing them in a pile).


Bed linen

We take care of the laundry of bed linen.


Throw away your rubbish

Please make sure that all bins in your rooms and in the kitchen are emptied and the rubbish is cleared.


Do not leave any dishes

Plan to have time to run the dishwasher before you leave and to have all dishes picked up and put in the cupboards in their proper place.


Dropping off at the airport

After your stay, we will help drive the last party to the airport. By last party, we mean that if you are more than one party flying at different times, you will be responsible for driving the early parties to the airport. The last party to leave the Padel Mansion will be driven to the airport according to your departure time preferences (allow 30 minutes travel time to the airport).