Before the journey home


There are some things we need your help with during your departure. Most of these things are common sense, but we list it here in order to make it easier for you to check.


Restore the house as it was upon arrival (cleaning not necessary)

If you have moved any beds, bedsidetables, outdoor furniture etc, you need to put them back where they were upon arrival.



Make sure that the padelrackets, balls, ball machine is inside the locked padel storage by the court.



Make sure that all golfsets are back in the storage and that all bags are empty from food, drinks, garbage etc. And that the clubs are in the same bag as it was upon arrival.


Pool & Jacuzzi

Make sure that there is no toys or other items in the pool/jacuzzi and in the area close to the pool/jacuzzi.



We carry out a thorough cleaning after your stay. What we expect you do is a rough cleaning and make sure it looks tidy. We will take care of the rest. Be aware that all garbage, inside and outside, must be taken away to the garbage station.



Place your towels where they can dry (i.e. avoid throwing them in a pile). Please place them at the BBQ-terrace (where there is space to put the towels to dry, while waiting for them to be washed).


Bed linen

We take care of the laundry of the beddings. However we would appreciate if you can take off the duvet, pillowcase and sheet (please not the mattress protection, the slippery/glossy one that is under the sheet protecting the mattress) and also put them seperated at the BBQ-terrace (sheets in one pile, pillowcases/duvets in one pile).


Throw away your rubbish

Please make sure that all bins in your rooms and in the kitchen are emptied and the rubbish is cleared. All rubbish in the communal garbage station 200m from Padel Mansion.


Do not leave any dishes

Please make sure you have time to run (and empty) the dishwasher before you leave and to have all dishes picked up and put in the cupboards in their proper place. Leave it as it was when you arrived.


Take out garbage and fill up the vehicles with diesel (minibuses) and petrol (Mini Man)

Make sure that you don't leave any personal belongings as well as garbage (empty bottles, candy paper etc) in the vehicle. Take the vehicle to the petrol station and fill up the tank, so there is full tank when we inspect it. If it has not been done we can do it and will charge for the gas and the time.


Have you report the damages that you might caused to the house, furniture, vehicles etc?

If you, before departure, report the damages, you will get a 25% discount for the price replacing/repair the damaged items.


Dropping off at the airport (if you have that included in the price)

After your stay, we will help drive the last party to the airport. By last party, we mean that if you are more than one party flying at different times, you will be responsible for driving the early parties to the airport. The last party to leave the Padel Mansion will be driven to the airport according to your departure time preferences (allow 30 minutes travel time to the airport).


At last; Thanks for your visit & we hope that you have enjoyed your stay!