Before arrival


For us it is of utmost importance to meet the expectations of our guests. As part of this, we have compiled useful information that all guests may find useful prior to their arrival. This will help answer some of the questions you may have. It is important to share this information with the rest of the travel party, so that you all have the same amount of information, which creates a better atmosphere and understanding of how things work at Padel Mansion.


General information about Padel Mansion

A stay at Padel Mansion is self-catering. A bit like renting the whole/part of a house, but with a bit more developed concept with access to a car/minibus, your own padel court, airport pick-up/drop-off, free loan of golf clubs and electric bikes etc. In general, what you consume is what you buy yourself. 


Do I need to bring towels and bed linen?

Bed linen is provided, so your bed will be made up and ready when you arrive at the Padel Mansion. As for towels, we provide guests with a small towel and a shower towel. You bring your own towel for the pool and beach.


What are the conditions for borrowing a car?

When staying at the Padel Mansion you have access to a car/minibus (depending on the number of guests). You do not pay anything for the use of the vehicle other than the diesel/petrol that you consume. You take care of the refuelling and assessment yourself. Please note that there is an age limit of 25 years to drive the cars/minibuses. If someone under 25 is driving and something happens, there is no insurance to cover damage. Damage, large or small, that occurs when you borrow the car is covered by the insurance with an excess of €150 "per claim". By borrowing the cars/buses you agree to this.


How do I get to the Padel Mansion?

Pick-up of the first party is included in your stay. First party means that if you are more than one party, we will pick up the first party, and those who come later, you will arrange for your own pick up by borrowing a car.


What do I do when we land at Alicante Airport?

Once you arrive in Alicante and receive your luggage, send a WhatsApp message to Padel Mansion. We then have about 20-25 minutes before we are at the airport. In the meantime you will make your way up to the departure hall and "Costa Coffee" which is a cafeteria located outside the departure hall. There are two lanes where cars come, park and there are usually the least people in the far lane and on the far right. So stand there and wait and we will come and pick you up.


Important information about EL

The Spanish electricity network is not what we are used to in Sweden. Not least when you get out into the countryside that it counts to where Padel Mansion is located. We have taken in as much electricity as we can get from the grid. To increase access to electricity we have installed a total of 50 solar panels, and have one of the larger, private solar installations on the Costa Blanca. We have lithium batteries to store the electricity produced by the solar panels during the day when the sun is up. Despite this, access to electricity can sometimes be low, which is because a lot of "stuff we don't think about takes electricity"; all the fridges/freezers, jacuzzi, pool heaters, heating/cooling in each room, all the kitchen appliances (dishwasher, toaster etc) and not least the ovens. When there is extreme use of electricity, the lights can start to vibrate/radar/come and go. We try to continuously monitor if the electricity needs to be increased further. In addition to grid constraints, the voltages are lower than the recommended 220 volts, which also has an impact. So be patient, think about the electricity you use and act "electricity-smart".


Important information about the INTERNET

Apart from electricity, internet is a small sorrow/weakness at Padel Mansion. We have the subscription that offers the fastest internet, but it's no more than 50MB ADSL, which these days is a bit puny. The password to the network is on the cupboard by the dining table in the kitchen. Many people nowadays use mobile phone data and surf the net, which of course takes the pressure off the internet connection. Some days are better than others in terms of speed/data volume. We are constantly working to find better solutions. But we also have to accept somewhere that we are in a rural area where it is not profitable to bury fibre.