Practical information

It is important that our guests feel well informed and safe. Therefore, we will compile complete information for our customers on:


  • Room by room description and photo of each room.
  • What applies to the Courtesy Bus (age to drive it, insurance, liability, use etc).
  • Clarification about what you can expect from your stay. What is included.
  • List of things that are good to have with you (thus not available at the accommodation).
  • What applies to insurance, cancellation, etc.
  • Logical and sensible welfare rules that apply to the accommodation (a lot is common sense).
  • What you can expect from your hosts.

To ensure a healthy and as infection-free environment as possible, we will outline all the measures we take before and during your visit. We will have a requirement for fresh (max 72 hours old) Corona test. We will offer the option of a Corona test during your stay which you must take if you feel any symptoms.


We will work to ensure that our guests are 100% satisfied, so we will have room reconciliation/inspection upon arrival, etc. At that time we will also go over practical things and show you where everything is. All to ensure that you are happy during your stay.