During your stay


Rules are a negatively charged word and it's no fun to talk about rules. But for the sake of clarity, we have summarised the simple and, to us, logical rules that must apply:


General Padel Mansion

Padel Mansion is not an all-inclusive, but more like a self-catering accommodation. You buy what you use. To give you a good and comfortable start to your stay, we have prepared a Welcome Kit which consists of:

  • Some water in the fridge
  • Some fruit in the kitchen
  • Two dishwasher tablets, so you can get started with the dishwasher
  • Two washing machine tablets to get you started with the washing machine.
  • A ball tube with paddle balls.

Consideration and respect for neighbors

We are surrounded by neighbors. The paddle court can be used between 08.00-23.00. If you are noisy or play music, this is fine between 09.00-00.00.


This applies to the use of the paddle court

There is no rent for playing on the paddle court. If there are other guests, there is a reservation list in the binder by the dining table in the kitchen. Please remember not to book more hours than you are entitled to.



As a guest you have access to the jacuzzi. The temperature is easily set with + and - (the only thing you need to do). The temperature should be between 36-40 degrees.


The pool

As a guest you have access to the swimming pool. The temperature, when the pool is heated, is around 25 degrees. The pool cover should be put on after use to keep the pool warm.


This applies to the loan of a car/minibus

When staying at the Padel Mansion you have access to a car/minibus (depending on your number). You do not pay anything for the use of the car/van other than the diesel/petrol you consume. You take care of the refuelling and assessment yourself. Please note that there is an age limit of 25 years to drive the cars/minibuses. If someone under 25 is driving and something happens, there is no insurance to cover damage. Damage, large or small, that occurs when you borrow the car is covered by the insurance with an excess of €150 "per claim". By borrowing the cars/buses you agree to this. Keys to the vehicles are kept in a designated place and the key must always be left there when you return after your journey. You do not own the right to "that particular car" but the guests share the vehicles. When you take the key, you write down on the list when you took the vehicle and when it is expected to be back.


When borrowing electric bikes - use at your own risk

Please make sure to always lock your e-bikes when using them outside the Padel Mansion. The bikes are too expensive and susceptible to theft to be left unattended. Should one or more bikes be stolen, you as a guest are responsible for the deductibles. and if they break down, you are responsible for the repairs.


When borrowing golf clubs

There is a key to the golf club storage room. You will receive this on arrival if you have asked for it. The responsibility for the golf clubs lies with you as a guest, which means that you will be liable for compensation if they are broken or stolen. When returning the clubs, please make sure they are in the bags they were in when you took the golf bags. Never take clubs out of the bags, only use complete sets.


In the PadelStorage

The balls that are in the ball machine and the collection basket, may only be used for the ball machine. This is to ensure that there are enough balls for those who wish to practice with the ball machine. The ball machine may be used free of charge. 



There is a dishwasher in the communal kitchen. It can be used by guests. Dishwasher tablets, detergent and salt (if not available) are your responsibility. 


Washing machine

There are two washing machines for guests to use. You are responsible for your own detergent and fabric softener.


Drying of laundry

There is a drying rack in the space beyond the BBQ kitchen. As well as a clothesline over by the padelcourt.


Here we have gathered our experience from prior guest, and inform new guests how to act in order to enjoy the most of Padel Mansion.
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