We are looking for a HouseKeeper- 50% position

Padel Mansion is looking for a HouseKeeper to help keep Padel Mansion in top shape, including cleaning, cleanliness, hygiene, etc.


The position is part-time 50% (20 hours/week) and based in Alicante. 


Your working environment will be a mansion of high standard. Your responsibilities will be to be in charge of cleaning, cleanliness and hygiene. This involves lots of tasks that are not listed here, but mainly it consists of:             

  • Cleaning the guest house and main building, which consists of 340+360 sqm of living space, distributed in 24 rooms (2 kitchens, 4 living rooms, 15 bedrooms, 1 laundry room) 6 bathrooms and with associated outdoor areas (pool, terraces, padel area).
  • Keep all windows clean and nice. Also those on the padelbanan....
  • Wash bed linen/towels after guests and make/lay out towels before arrival.
  • Keep an extra eye on kitchen, bathrooms so that they are always fresh and tidy.
  • Assist with picking up/dropping off guests at the airport in one of the Padel Mansion courtesy buses (9-passenger minivans).

The qualities we are looking for in the host(s) are (please read carefully and respect the qualities/requirements we require of you as an applicant:

  • You can speak Spanish fluently (!!!) as well as English and of course Swedish.
  • You are not afraid of dogs because there is Spanish water dog in the main building.
  • You have a driving licence because of course guests will be picked up and dropped off at the airport.
  • You can start the position in July 2021. 
  • The position is initially for 6 months, but may be extended.

You will be employed by the operator, Goodlife Concepto SL, a Spanish company that will run the business by the book on behalf of the property owner. The company is well run, well funded and with expert, local Spanish knowledge of the rights and obligations under Spanish law (the company of course complies with Spanish law and Spanish labour laws, and this is an employment and not a moonlighting job = excuse our bluntness). 


The business has a gardener (3 times a week), guest coordinator (50%) and access to craftsmen with various skills. The owner is on site much of the time, but is not involved in the day-to-day running of the business.


Your application MUST include (incomplete applications will not be considered):

  • Personal letter so we can find out who you are, what personality you have.
  • Your complete CV.
  • Your salary request in euros. Please note that the salary claim is given as a net salary (which is most common in Spain). Benefits legislation is quite different in Spain than in Sweden, which should also be taken into account (independent expertise is available before signing an employment contract, so that you can feel confident about what applies).
  • You will need to confirm and comment on the requirements we impose on the applicant. Failure to do so will result in your application not being considered. To save us all time.
  • You indicate the earliest date on which you can take up the post.

The reason the post is fixed term is that there is a prospective host who will take over as soon as the situation with Covid-19 is under control and her life allows her to move down to Spain. So you need to have a work situation that allows for a timeout and that you are not demanding a longer employment. 


Please send your application to ansokan@padelmansion.com.


We ask you to respect not to call about the position and only send the complete application and really read through what the concept of Padel Mansion is and what the requirements of the position are. The responsible manager will be on site (Patrik Arlesäter) and we would like to ask you NOT to call him about the position. Questions about the position will be answered via the above email. 


Welcome with your application!